Skype vs Big Box Webcam Shows

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Skype vs Big Box Webcam Shows

A friend of mine who knows I am a lover of all things porn recently asked me which was better;
independent cam girls who use skype as their platform or going to one of the more popular websites.

When it comes to online models, you basically have these two choices.
The big box websites like XLoveCam and Streammate have a ton of traffic going to their sites and sometimes hundreds of performers.
You thus have a wide variety of ladies (or men) and prices to choose from.
All you have to do is find a girl you like and submit payment.

The Magic of Skype Webcam Shows

The same principle applies to the independent web models who use Skype instead of the big box sites, but there is a crucial difference.

The difference between the two experiences can be as vast as fast food compared to a restaurant.
To each their own, sometimes a burger and fries is what you need to hit the spot.
At other times however, only a good steak dinner or home cooked meal will do.
When I want to treat myself I prefer a delicious steak 😉

The big box sites often are based upon free chat which is essentially an advertising tool for the models,
there they can earn tips from members and guests to the site.
But this sometimes becomes a free for all, where several guys are vying for the attention of a model.
It is thus very hard for the model to forge a personal relationship with one of her clients even with the option of doing a private show,
a show that may and often does include other members and voyeurs.

I truly believe that the webcam sex show can be a profound part of a persons sex life if as always, you can find the right partner.
For me that means independent Skype models, highly skilled performers who love the work they do
and know that a happy, satisfied client is a client who will come back for more.
This does not provide the one on one intimacy I tend to crave

There are a myriad of ways to interact with your favorite model beyond the medium of skype during a personal sex or fetish show,
this means she can devote every precious moment to exploring exactly what turns you on the most.
Independent models offer webcam shows, Kik, Snapchat and Skype texting as well as phone sex, custom videos and naughty content such as panties and stockings.
There are no rules regarding your contact with her aside from those you set between the two of you,
you and your independent models of choice can choose between yourselves what you do and when-and how.

With skype webcam shows, the model is in charge of her own time, so there would be no rushing or alternatively time wasting during your show.
Some big box models are dying to get back to their rooms after a show so they can earn more,
others are fatigued speaking to so many people and so are stringing things along so that they do not have to go back to their rooms and deal with rude customers.
In contrast, the dedicated time a Skype Model spends with you is all her own and she is not rushing anywhere,
nor is she trying to string you along in private chat to rack up the minutes and avoid the chaos of free chat.
This to me is so crucial.
Beyond their beauty, independent camgirls are savvy businesswomen;
these ladies are running their own shops, some own their own websites and are really just smart people who are so much fun to engage with.

The intelligence of these ladies improves every aspect of your show, I find smart women super sexy.

If you’re new to independent webcam shows I strongly suggest you try out a skype sex or fetish camgirl today,
see if you appreciate the improved quality and range of services available.

Betcha =)

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