Webcam Sex Styles

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Finding the Perfect Webcam Sex For You

If you’re new to camgirls and webcam sex, your first aim should be to understand
the different styles of webcam sex that are offered by different sites and camgirls,
and from there narrow down your cam girl hunting amongst those camgirls who offer what you’re looking for.
Below I’ll highlight some of the most popular types of webcam sex offered out there on the net,
with a little poll to help guide you on where you might to start your adventures on cam.


Private Webcam Shows

Private webcam shows are ideal for cam sex fans who enjoy one on one experiences that are exclusive, intimate and personalized.
During private cam shows you and your camgirl or choice can explore role play, use cam to cam and even phone.
Also during private shows you are the center of attention,
as your camgirl playmate doesn’t need to balance the competing desires of free chat room full of guests.
As such, private cam shows are ideal for fans of fantasy enactment, fetish play and mutual orgasms.


Gold Shows

Gold Shows are a fairly recent addition to the webcam sex scene,
but they’ve rapidly become a popular option amongst cam sex fans who enjoy group shows
(think of group shows as the bridge between free chat and private shows).

Camgirls who offer Gold Shows stream their live cams through a private-based cam site,
however the style of the shows themselves have more in common with free chat cam sex than they do exclusive one on one webcam sex.
Gold Shows are ideal for cam sex fans who enjoy a mix of cam sex styles,
and they offer a way to get a ‘taste’ of new camgirls in a lower-cost group setting before diving into
a one on one show.


Independent Cam Shows

Independent camgirls offer private webcam shows via private messenger services
such as skype, snapchat and cell phone.
These types of cam shows are ideal for webcam sex fans who enjoy one on one shows with cam to cam and audio or phone,
as well as fans of fetish, role play and personalized experiences that are difficult to achieve in a group show or free chat environment.

Independent camgirls are just that: cam girls who offer cam shows independent of the cam sites.
This is a unique style of webcam sex that is rapidly growing in popularity.


Fetish Camgirls

Fetish camgirls offer specialized live webcam sex that differs from typical strip tease and sex toy play.
They can be found on any cam site, however fetish play is more enjoyable in the private setting of a one-on-on session.
Webcams are far superior to static porn that offers no interaction when you’re seeking a fetish fix,
and you can find fetish camgirls ready willing and able to fulfill your unique and personalized
fetish cam sex requests ranging from FemDom to smoking, from CBT to foot fetish and everything in between.
Generally fetish camgirls have specific props, outfits or materials to use during their fetish cam sex shows,
such as strap-on dildos, special outifts, ropes, nipple clamps, whips, latex etc to truly bring the fetish experience to life.


Free Chat Camgirls

Free chat camgirls host their webcam shows on tip-based cam sites.
This style of site offers a relatively┬ánew style of webcam sex that doesn’t heavily focus on
exclusive one-on-one sex cam experiences.

On these sites the vast majority of the ‘action’ occurs in the free chat room, and camgirls are tipped
to perform live sex cam shows for everyone to enjoy together.
The main plus of this style of site is that you can watch and participate for free,
but the downside is that you won’t receive private, undivided personal attention of a completely personalized
one-on-one live sex cam experience.
For example, as fetish sex cam experiences tend to be quite unique to each individual,
camgirls cannot perform specialized fetish cam shows in a tip-based group sex cam show setting.


Take the Webcam Sex Poll

1) I am a voyeur, I prefer to watch instead of participate. (1 point)

2) I have a fetish that I love to explore during cam sex. (3 points)

3) Finding exactly what I want is more important than cost. (2 points)

4) I’m on a budget and ‘free’ is attractive to me even if it means I don’t get personalized attention. (1 point)

5) I love cam to cam. (2 points)

6) I love interacting as a group, engaging with other cam room guests as well as the camgirl host. (1 point)

7) I love role play, dress up and one on one attention. (2 points)

8) I want to use my phone or mic during my cam shows, typing annoys me and I want my camgirl to hear my voice.(2 points)


Tally Your Points to Find Your Perfect Webcam Sex Style

1-3 points: You’re all about group interaction.Check out some of the hottest free chat camgirls and gold show camgirls I’ve found on the net.


4-8 points: Private webcam sites such as XLove and are your style.


9 points and up: Such a kinkster ­čÖé
Definitely check out the hottest fetish camgirls on the net
who are experienced in providing the specialized types of cam experiences you seek.