Secure Payment Options for Skype Cam Sex Shows

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Secure Payment Options for Skype Cam Sex Shows

If you’re new to skype cam sex you might be wondering how payments for skype cam sex and fetish shows work,
considering that when choosing skype camgirls you aren’t availing yourself of the payment methods offered by cam site middle-men.

The short answer is that paying for skype cam sex is safe, secure and easy, and all established skype camgirls offer convenient payment options through their personal camgirl websites.


Skype Cam Show Payment Methods and Safety

If you’re new to skype cam sex you may be concerned about the security of your personal information,
so here I’ll write a brief description of how credit card payments work when booking a skype cam sex show through a skype camgirl’s personal website.

Making a payment to a skype camgirl through any of the providers listed in the ‘Most Common Payment Methods’ list
below involve clicking a payment button on the camgirl’s website that takes you
to a secure payment page provided by the payment processing company.
These transactions are secure and encrypted https transactions that occur
completely off of the camgirl’s website, and she has no access to the private personal and financial information that you provide.
In this way booking a skype cam sex show is similar to buying credits or tokens on a cam sex site,
and indeed many cam sites use the same payment processors offered by skype camgirls.
With us it’s simply a matter of skype camgirls owning our own merchant accounts
rather than receiving payment through the cam site’s account.


Most Common Payment Methods



Independent bank-backed merchants such as JS Networks



Other Skype Cam Sex Payment Options

Payment or tribute through a third party skype camgirl listing site or content site
such as


Payment Methods To Avoid

Be wary of an skype camgirls who offer paypal, as paypal is a stridently anit-adult payment method.
In using paypal you risk having your account frozen and closed, and you share detailed personal info during the exchange
(full name, address, etc) that you may not wish to have known.
These same risks apply to skype camgirls as well, and as such professional established skype camgirls do not offer paypal.

Also know that in using paypal you leave yourself vulnerable to being scammed by a fake camgirl (almost all the fakes use Paypal) who will take your money and disappear.


Professional skype camgirls care deeply about our business’s, as we put a great deal of time and effort into growing,
nurturing and maintaining our relationships with skype cam sex playmates and friends.
In choosing skype camgirls who run our own websites and offer safe and secure payment processing options
through legitimate and established payment processing companies
you can be completely assured that your personal information will remain secure.


For safe, secure and discreet payment for shows and sessions with the best Independent Camgirls on the net visit:

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