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Webcam Sex Fans: Stay Away From Paypal

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Why Webcam Sex Fans Need to Stay Away From Paypal

Skype Cam Sex and Paypal Don’t Mix

As most independent skype camgirls already know, paypal and skype cam sex don’t go together well.
Using this form of payment can result in account freezes and forfeiture of funds if caught,
as paypal is overtly anti-adult in regards to acceptable use of its service.

Recently however one of my playmates mentioned to me that HIS paypal account had been frozen by paypal,
as they found out he was using his account to pay for skype cam sex shows.
To be honest I was a little surprised by this, as I haven’t heard many incidents of skype cam sex customers being impacted by account closures,
but I guess it was just a matter of time.
He got caught when the skype camgirl with whom he used paypal got caught, and paypal didn’t just freeze her account,
the company apparently also froze the accounts of everyone who had recently sent her funds through that service.

While I do feel bad for my cam sex playmate that his paypal account got shut down,
on another level I’m glad paypal is finally starting to enforce their rules equally between camgirls and their customers that use that service.
Still, I don’t want anyone to have to deal with the hassle of having accounts closed and funds frozen,
so I’m writing this to caution those skype cam sex fans that still use paypal that you’re now risking your own account
when you choose to use it to pay for unauthorized services such as skype cam sex shows.

To avoid stress and hassle, choose safe methods offered by professional independent skype and snapchat cam girls, such as, ahem, us 🙂

For more information on the safe, secure and adult-friendly payment options
check out this post on payment processing for skype webcam sex shows and save yourself some grief.

Lecture over, now go have some fun =p