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Camgirls and Adult Internet Modelling: What Do I Need to Start Working?

In order to begin working as a camgirl you need a computer (an i7 is sufficient), a reliable and strong internet connection and a webcam.
Logitech webcams are popular with camgirls (particularly the Logitech 9000, C920, and the C615) and can be purchased for under $100.
Also strive to create a well-lit camming area, as lighting has a strong impact on the quality of your video stream.
Even the best webcam can’t compensate for a dimly-lit camming space.

As far as toys, while many camgirls use toys during their webcam shows with customers you don’t absolutely need sex toys, although you can purchase toys relatively inexpensively online if you so wish.
Stick to toys made of glass, steel or pure silicone in order to avoid irritating your body with dangerous chemicals such as phalates.

What you don’t need to start working as an adult webcam model is an elaborate array of outfits.
It’s cool to wear them if you want to but don’t feel you need to purchase an entire camming wardrobe in order to make money online,
it’s simply not necessary  Wear what makes you feel sexy and you’ll be fine.


What Benefits Do the Network Adult Cam Sex Sites Offer to New Camgirls?

I’m a huge fan of independent yahoo and skype cam sex, obviously, but I’d never recommend that a
brand new camgirl start out exclusively independently.
The reason why is that this is a small niche and without your own customer base your earnings at least initially can be low.
The drop-out rate for independent camgirls is astronomically high for this reason.
Even camgirls who excel in marketing and promotion generally find that it takes time to build up a sustainable base of
independent skype cam sex customers, so in starting out as a camgirl you’ll need the traffic sources that the network cam sites provide.
My advice: if you want to be a cam girl and need to start earning money immediately,
start off on the network cam sites as you build your own independent business on the side.


How Do Camgirls Sign Up To Adult Cam Sex Sites?

There are a wide variety of adult cam sites to choose from that I’ll be exploring here at some point,
but the most important choice camgirls can make is to sign up to cam sites directly.
At all costs, avoid virtual studios.
Signing up to a webcam sex site through a virtual studio affords you NO benefits and will cost you significant
amounts of money over time compared to signing up to sites directly.
The reason why you want to avoid virtual studios is that they take a large percentage of your earnings,
yet they do not offer any extra promotion or support other than that which the site itself provides.
Virtual studios charge a lot for doing absolutely nothing for you, so why give them your hard-earned money?
For further reading on how to avoid virtual studios, please visit this link before signing up to an adult cam sex site in order to avoid a costly mistake.
The direct sign-up links to the most popular websites used by camgirls are located there as well.
I highly recommend reading around that community as it’s a rich research resource for both new and veteran camgirls.

For further reading check out my skype sex resources blog at

If you’re a camgirl interested in delving into independent camming or would like to join our site,
visit the Model Contract.
Also please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the site or independent webcamming in general.