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CFNM or Clothed Female/Naked Male is a special fetish within adult fetish and sexual interaction.
As the name suggests, it involves the client getting naked for the webcam performer, which seems like a paradox to those uninitiated into the fetish.
Normally getting naked is not only normal, but a required state of affairs for a webcam model. But this is not what the CFNM fetish is about.
It is about domination and exhibitionism, the playing out of fantasies in which the client is subservient to the performer. It is about guided masturbation and exhibitionism. It’s about being stripped bare for the most intimate experience of pleasure.
If you are thinking about getting naked for a sexy clothed woman, you should check out the CFNM website

The site was created and is maintained by Lady J, a webcam model who love the CFNM fetish
and decided to create a website that would offer clients a true CFNM experience by models who are familiar with and excel in this fetish niche.
The CFNM experience is different from the normal web cam performance.
It requires a model that is comfortable with intimate interaction beyond sex, and smart enough to discern what limits if any their client has.
The idea is to push the client as far along their fantasy as they want to go.
This requires great communication skills, an inventive mind, and an assertive attitude.

Meet the Webcam Girls Behind CFNMWebcamShows

HotWifeJolee is a gregarious and sexually open blonde MILF who would thrill anyone with her sensuality and playful approach to her sessions.
Her favorite shows involve exhibitionism and creativity. Jolee loves sex and sharing fantasies with her CFNM friends.
Her exuberance and sultry voice are a delicious combination and she is a true joy to have fun with due to her delightfully dirty mind.

Lady J is an experienced webcam performer and webmaster who truly loves her work, especially within the CFNM fetish niche.
She is a very slender but athletic webcam performer who you could describe as beautiful, however to her that is a boring compliment. Make her laugh and she will adore you.
Lady J is delighted to have her clients explore their inner exhibitionist.
She is a Sensual Domination specialist but above all, she just enjoys fun people who aren’t afraid to be who they are, and share themselves with her.

Divine Nemesis is an Ebony Femdom Mistress with a face straight out of a fashion magazine.
She is powerful in many ways but her beauty will intoxicate you even before you encounter each other during a CFNM webcam session.
This beautiful curvy lady specializes in Humiliation, BBW Worship and Cuckolding.
Her true joy is in having a man be vulnerable while exploring a sexual fantasy. Divine Nemesis does not judge.

Roxy Cox is a British Web Cam performer.
She is also a glamour model and loves Roleplay. Her utmost desire is to have you share your deepest darkest fantasy with her.
She loves Domination or Submission fantasies and will also take requests so don’t be shy with your kink, Roxy Cox will understand.

KDSummers is a curvy blonde MILF with an addictive wit to match her devastatingly gorgeous curves.
She is tall and experienced and enjoys guiding men through the fulfillment of fantasy and desire. She sees her sessions as an adventure to uncover not just your body but your entire being.

AnnaRose is an exotic brunette who has a smile that brings men to their knees.
One look at her and you will want to please her, and lucky for you she is pleased by facilitating pleasure. Anna loves to tease and to bring you right to the edge before guiding you over to the heights of ecstasy.

Summer is a slender 20-something wise beyond her years.
She’s also drop-dead gorgeous and loves nothing more than to experience new things, whatever adventure you envision she will be delighted to join you in sharing it.

Queen Roberta is a sultry brunette with beautiful tattoos and a large collection of fetish wear including mile-high heels, PVC and leather.
She excels at domination and will be more than happy to put you in your place, the one you crave..on your knees begging for more.

Nikki is a self-described sexual freak so nothing you crave will surprise her, although she always loves to learn and share new moments with her clients.
She’s quite possibly the most fun you can have on cam, her energy is infectious and she will find you exposing your deepest desires and loving every moment of it, knowing your shared space is safe and private.

If the idea of submitting to beautiful women gets you cranked and you appreciate the finer things in life,
I highly recommend you turn to the true CFNM professionals of; you could not ask for more.